There’s only so much I can focus on. I really don’t need to start another, wholely new interest right now. That said, I have a biography of Aleister Crowley which I’m slowly working through (taking breaks to read trashier novels), it’s titled “A Magick Life.”

In it, I came across this little segment:

One evening, Crowsley confided in Eckenstein that he was having magical problems. When he was done, Eckenstein rounded on Crowley and gave him ‘the worse quarter of an hour of my life. he summed up my magical situation and told me that my troubles were due to my inability to control my thoughts.’

Eckenstein, dismissive of matters magical, was in part right. Crowley’s problem lay not in his inabilities but in his failure to focus his mind. His criticisms voiced, Ecenstein offered to teach Crowley how to concentrate and discipline his attention. Crowley, accepting that this was a weakness, agreed. The lessons consisted of meditational concentration and measured breathing linked to thie intense visualisation of specific images. [. . .] The training methods were essentially those of yoga, and Crowley was grateful for them. ‘Thiere is no doubt,’ he later wrote, ‘that these months of steady scientific work, unspoiled by my romantic fancies, laid the basis of a sound magical and mystic technique.’

As I said, I don’t have time now to get into druidry and yoga simultaneously, but I’m tempted to. I sense the same weakness in myself (part of which, I suppose, is the fact that I’m giving serious consideration to starting yet another interest so quickly.

Still, what I like about life — credit it to a mystical power, if you wish — is that, when you acknowledge challenges, possible solutions begin suggesting themselves. This one might have to warm on a back burner, but I’m certainly not going to forget it.


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