One of the reasons I started this blog was to have a place to record my thoughts — more to focus my thinking than because I expect you to want to read it — as I engage with the material of druidry. To that end, I found a free online course offered by

My first impression of the course is a good one. It seems to be centered more on helping you get to know yourself, to focus your thoughts in the direction you want them to go, than on cconveying the material knowledge of a religion in the sense that my parents practice one. Feeling ill at ease with religion, as I do, the idea speaks to me.

It’s organized by the different moons of the year — a cool idea, very in-touch-with-nature — and I told myself I’d look at the current moon (that would tbe the Fire Friend Moon), but really get involved in the experiment when the next moon starts, to have the full moontide to focus my thoughts.

By way of what really appeals to me about the druidic path — and what excites me about my first steps on this journey — is the openness I sense. Only time will tell, but I have to share the explanation of the moon’s name, taken from the webpage:

Fire Friend is this dark moontide of winter. You may have the pleasure of a real fire in your home and friends to share it with, but the deeper meaning of this moon’s name to me is a reminder of the power of fire. Making a friend of the wild spirit that is fire allowed humankind to survive and evolve, and to live within these colder lands.
Find your own name for this moon, one that reflects the cycle in your own home environment and your own nature.

I love the last line: find your own name for this moon, one that reflects the cycle in your own home environment and your own nature.

Right now, where I am now in my life, it would be hard to select a name without tending towards bitterness. (Also, I’d like to know myself better before I do.) Still, I am excited to begin a journey which makes me feel so welcome.


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