I don’t know. I’m at the beginning of this journey. But, I’m spending a lot of time looking at the Order or Bards, Ovates and Druids and I came across this page describing the work of a bard. That is, after all, the first degree in the OBOD.

I llike the talk of “opening ourselves to our inate creativity” and Inspiration written with a capital I. If I decide to begin my journey with OBOD, I look forward to what I can learn there.

That said, I was mostly impressed by the number of stories and poems bards were expected to learn.

I learned a poem once. It was The Cremation of Sam McGee by Robert Service. I still know most of it, and will know more of it.

There’s something comfortable, almost warm about a religion that values story-telling and creativity. It’s almost what my parents would have called a ‘family value.’ After all, I don’t think of stories and poems as things we learn entirely for ourselves. And, I hope, it’s not the kind of thing that people — that I — would learn just to show off or feel superior.

So, as part of this journey, I’ve decided to start trying to memorize poetry. Until now, I’ve been lucky enough to have a daughter who’s asked me to read her more poems. I think that having an audience helps.

I’ve promised myself that, when I’m confident I know the poems, I’ll them here. (Which will not, by the way, give you the right to quiz me.)


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