So, the fire friend moon has ended. I’m a little sad about it’s passing, for a number of reasons, mostly, though, I think it’s because it was one of the first things I thought about as I tried to be deliberate about pursuing druidism. Also, I’m a little disappointed in myself.

I told myself I’d focus more strongly on my family, I’d take up communication.

And I did, though that’s only because I took the moon as an excuse to write more often to those family members with whom I write most often. I didn’t fire off a single email to any of the family members I think of as ‘difficult.’ And, while I respect that it leaves me room for improvement, druidism — as I’m thinking about it now — really appeals to me as a religion which calls for me to do more than say “Hey, trees have souls, man” but is, instead, a lived religion.

With that in mind, it’s frustrating that I haven’t lived it yet to the extent that I want to.

We’re moving into the star frost moon. I’ll have the whole moon to do better by my own high standards, but first I’m going to fire off an email to the brother I’ve been avoiding writing to. It’s Christmas, and that’s a good a reason to break silence as any.


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