Yesterday was, according to the perennial druidry calendar, the first day of the Star Frost moon.

As with the fire friend moon, this course encouraged finding your own name for the moon. While I don’t promise to comment on that for each new moon, this one included this line:

Find our what other names people and traditions use for this moon.

It wasn’t easy to find much by way of what other traditions named the moons. It seems to be a topic where Google has difficulty helping, because there are other, more conventional topics which clog the results. Still, I found this page, and this page. None of the names suggested spoke to me any more clearly than ‘star frost moon’ which, while nothing I clearly understand, is a name I’ve had a few days getting used to.

Nonetheless, it was an interesting exercise. And, who knows, maybe one day I’ll call it the ‘wolf moon’ or the ‘cold moon,’ but for now, I’ll be dealing with the star frost moon.

My first impressions of this moon are good.
I like the idea of spending a moon focusing on being, on eliminating the word ‘try’ from my vocabulary. I’ll post more on that soon, I imagine, but the word ‘try’ has found its way into my vocabulary to mean something less than promise. It’s something easy to say to the kids: “We’ll try to go for french fries soon.”

That the moon’s focus on ethics has the focus ‘impact.’ It’s another topic that speaks to me, it’s a thread of continuity that connects the person who blindly started towards this path with the person I want to be. I’ll most likely blog on this, as well, but the question of my impact on the planet has interested me before this.

Other things in this moon — like a focus on mud, or on sleeping — will be more difficult for me. But, the sense of a project like this is not to re-inforce the person I’ve always been, but instead to challenge and stretch myself. So, perhaps it’s to those things to which I should turn first.


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