I have to admit to this: I don’t know what I’m writing in the post. I’ve decided to start up a bit of ‘research’ (when it’s in quotes, it tends to mean Googling and reading online) on how other people approach animal/plant spirits. The thing is this: I don’t know if what I’d like to do is possible. But, I feel it’s worth it to try.

I want to learn more about animism.

Now, the first thing I did was check the Wikipedia page on Animism to be sure that plants were included. Because, hey, it’d like to know more about Hofgaard, as I try to build my relationship with him.

So, here’s the first part in that journey: what do I think now? No idea. I like the idea that Hofgaard has a spirit. I like the idea that the Elbe knows, at some level, that it’s been helping me. But, it’s a hard thought to internalize. Beliefs, approaches, ways of seeing the world, can’t be changed at a whim. Not by me.

There probably isn’t any way to know — in the scientific sense — what the spirit of a tree is like. Or, if there is, it probably won’t be known in my lifetime.

To me, it seems the most logical to think about my own sense of spirit, and what words can be used to define it. And, if I can nail my own spirit down, as it were, I can begin thinking about what parts of what I am defines it. If I think I can figure out how what I am shapes my spirit — if it does — then I can think about how what Hofgaard is, or what the river is, and how that might shape the spirits they might have.

So, in the near future, my job is to find a quiet place and try to think about whether or not I can define my own spirit. I’ll post what I learn from that now.


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