So, in my last post, I wrote that I was going to try and examine my spirit and attempt to understand the ‘shape’ or ‘nature’ of my own spirit, and to try and figure out how living in a human body influenced that.

It was a stupid idea.

Mind you, I tried to meditate. I wondered if Steven Hawking’s experience of being alive was much different from my own (I can’t imagine it is) and I tried to imagine a line between my spirit and the rest of my perceived existence. As you may guess, I had no luck.

So, going forward, I want to share with you what I have realized about my spirit.

What is my spirit?
Obviously, I don’t know. But, I have a guess. In one way of thinking, I suppose my spirit is what I imagine being transferred to the next life when my life here is over. Obviously, we all assume that this includes memories, but I think it would also include preferences and personality. Another way of thinking of it is this: my spirit would be what I’d upload to a computer somewhere if I wanted digital immortality. If you imagine my great-great grandchildren logging into the internet and chatting with my uploaded self, I imagine that everything of me that that self would have my spirit also has.

I don’t think that it’s an especial leap to imagine our consciousness being transferred to, say, a dog or an elephant. It could easily form the basis for science fiction (and I’m sure it has, but won’t search for something just to link gratuitously). Could my consciousness be transferred to a tree? to a river?

That’s harder to say.

I talk to my anchor tree. But I do it mostly for myself. (I have, however, apologized to Hofgaard, in the off-chance that he can hear me and realizes that I’m just being an idiot.)

The thing is, what senses do trees have? I’m not going to imply that they’re somehow less than or inferior to the senses that I have, but will admit that I can’t imagine what it’s like to feel the sun on my leaves. Does Hofgaard know he’s wet when it rains? Is he thirsty when there’s a drought?

I don’t know.

You can look for me to start exploring that idea in my head, as well as looking for what other people have written. I don’t know that I’ll ever know.

I do know that trying to form a relationship with Hofgaard, for me, means wanting to learn what I can about him. I’d like, in some miniscule way, to be able to put myself in his shoes (on his roots?)


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