In connection to my recent attempts to understand both myself and Hofgaard, I’ve stared learning what I can about plants. It hasn’t been easy (I’m not sure I’ve seen a definitive picture of an oak tree’s root system, for example) but it has been mostly interesting.

For example, this documentary, which I imposed on my wife, gave me a sense of how much plants communicate.

I think that this kind of learning increases my reverence for the natural world.

And, while I do wonder to what extend the ‘chemical’ communication which the plants in the videos demonstrate would enable any kind of exchange between Hofgaard and me. I mean, can he see me? I take some comfort in the idea that this is just the tip of the iceberg and wouldn’t have been believed even a few years ago. Doesn’t that mean, after all, that there’s much more room for potential.

(To that extent, let me point out that there are parts of my existance which science doesn’t seem to understand.)

So, here’s a question: are there other good documentaries I should watch? Webpages I should read?


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