It’s with a bit of sorrow that I watch the Star Frost moon wane. I’m not yet so in tune with nature that I’m really enjoying this time of year (which, I have to admit, has been very mild here in Germany), but because I’m not finished ‘growing’ with the questions put to me in the perpetual druidry course.

In particular, I think a lot about my impact on the Earth (which is not to say that I’ve done much to reduce it, despite trying to establish a relationship with the Earth). I do have the date of an open house where I can see how the ‘residual garbage’ of Dresden (where I live) is processed. I’m pretty excited about that.

But, most of my garbage is of the ‘recyclable’ variety. (The ‘yellow sack,’ here in Germany.) I don’t know what happens to it.

For example: how should I feel about the amount of packaging we throw away. Even in times like these when, after Christmas, we don’t seem to buy much that isn’t food, our garbage can quickly fills with packaging from food products. Most of them are recyclable, but that costs energy. What should I think about that?

This webpage (put out by a packaging group, I should say) suggests that foods I buy pre-packaged (three bell peppers, for example, red, yellow and green) requires less packaging than foods that are sold individually (because they’re packaged more extremely for transport, seems to be the explanation).

Further, I recall hearing — before I cared about these things — in a podcast that we should be grateful for packaging. Because packaging means less waste. The logic here seems to have been (and I can’t find this anywhere) that packaging means that we can use more of each product. The example used was a Thanksgiving turkey. If we’d bought a turkey ourselves, most people wouldn’t use the feathers, or the innards, or the feet. But, because someone is ‘willing’ to remove those things for us at a central location, they can also find someone who can use the feathers, or the innards, or the feet and so more of the entire turkey is used.

Like I said, I don’t know.

What do you think? How should I feel about my packaging? Is there reason to think that I’d be behaving better (environmentally speaking) by buying more in shops than from the Internet? After all, we throw away recycle quite a bit of cardboard that comes from Amazon and the like. Should I try to avoid it?

(This is not the first I’ve written about this. If you really want to stalk me, consider my first post on the topic.)



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