I’m pretty motivated at the moment to fill in the gaps in my knowledge of nature, whether it be spiritual or more traditional knowledge. (Remember me saying that I’m bad at identifying things beyond ‘tree’ and ‘bird’?)

It’s been an uphill trip so far, I’m not going to lie. I have a lot of practice in learning things like ‘the German word for table is Tisch‘ or ‘the author of Looking for Alaska is John Green.’ But learning to do things is a whole other thing, and it’s hard. It’s seen me standing in the snow, tree identification book in hand, looking at a tree. My wife walked up and said ‘It’s a pine tree.’ ‘Yeah, but how do I know?’

Evenings, when I’m ready to relax, but want to feel productive, I turn to YouTube. So far, it hasn’t been the treasure trove of information I’m used to it being.

This documentary on the Danube was great to watch, for the pictures and general knowledge. It was nice, because, living in Germany, I feel like the Danube is a ‘local’ river. (Several hours drive away, but still.)

What I’m working on now, however, as an infrequent ‘Nerdfighter,’ I’m working my way through Hank Green’s Crash Course in ecology. So far, it hasn’t really taught me much new, but I think I will go through it, then go through his courses on biology and ecology, making flash cards of vocabulary as I go. (Remember, that’s what I’m good at.)

Request for help:
You’re smart people. Are there videos I should watch? I guess I’d like to learn everything, so, yeah, right now I’m mostly interested in starting points, but anything that’s going to get me moving down the path towards ‘knowledge of nature.’ In particular, identifying plants/insects/birds (I don’t see much that’s bigger) and understanding how they all fit together.


One thought on “Learning about my own environment

  1. Thanks, Nymphenkuss! I ordered it and am looking forward to seeing how it goes… Even though i imagine it’s going to be reading that makes me feel frustrated and disempowered more than anything else.


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