So, for Christmas I asked for something special: my first (and, likely, only) deck of Tarot cards. They’re from the same artist who made the pictures in the Druid Plant Oracle that I bought for myself. For some reason, I seem to only have druidry books by Philip Carr-Gomm (but have promised myself that the next one I get will be from someone else).

Part of the reason I was drawn to his books was that it was his book, The Book of English Magic, that got my interested in Druidry. It was in that book that he briefly presented tarot in a way that made it seem intriguing to me. This is the paragraph that really stuck with me:

Although using the Tarot for prediction might at first sight seem tempting, ultimately it will sap you of power — because it will lead you to act as if your life were determined solely by outside forces. instead you need to use the Taro as a means of gaining insight into the hidden dynamics of a situation or your soul. Then it will do the opposite — it will give ou a sense of power and control over your life. It will increase your self-knowledge and as a result lead you closer to that goal of the magical art: wisdom.

Doesn’t that sound like something anyone could get behind? I certainly could.

As I said, I got the set for Christmas and have been busy, reading my way through the book (interesting, but a lot to understand).

At first blush, I can say that the cards have really awoken an interest in the elements for me. Reading the different personalities and qualities associated with each of the elements has been very interesting to me.

Often, reading and contemplating what I’m learning, I want to sit down and write about it. For some reason, I felt the need to mention the cards before I write about them.


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