After consciously allowing myself to slip in my ‘vegan during the week, vegetarian on the weekend’ resolution, I guess it’s time to follow up here with how things are going. Despite the slip-up, I think they’re going well.

The slip-up
I didn’t accidentally eat a cow or anything. That’s not what happened. What happened was, we visited friends yesterday and they prepared a quiche for us. And, there was almost certainly ham in the quiche (though I didn’t see it). I consciously decided to just go ahead and eat my portion rather than make a scene about what I can’t eat.

Let me be honest with you: I’m not a social butterfly. Less than five percent of my diet is prepared for me by people outside of my immediate family. I’m grateful people are still talking to me.

The progress.
There’s something nice about declaring (if only to myself) that ‘I don’t eat that anymore.’ It means I can walk past whole areas of the grocery store. It means that, when I go to the kitchen looking for a snack, I get to try something new. Interestingly, it often raises the ‘price’ of a snack (peel some carrots? clean a bell pepper? I guess I’m not hungry after all) such that I don’t even have the snack.

During the week, I’m mostly vegan. Mostly because my wife and I had settled into a tradition of camembert and baguettes on Tuesdays and we wanted to keep it. So, Yeah. Also, my vegetarian weekend often begins friday evening.

Still, I’ve found that there are enough different kinds of beans and rice that it’ll be a while, yet, before I get tired of trying them all. (Though, I don’t know that all rice can be considered cheap.) Let me fry up a vegetable or two in olive oil to go along with it and I’m happy. In fact, I think I could eat my own weight in fried onions alone. Who knew they were so good?

Another strange thing: She’s not lazy, so that’s not the reason my wife often asks me to make enough for two when I cook.

Right now — in the honeymoon phase of the resolution — it’s not been difficult for me to prepare lunches in advance when I have to work. Soaking beans has been forgotten, but there are beans in cans for occasions like that. And, I’ve found that I’m often excited enough about the food I’ve bought for myself (butternut squash is waiting for me right now!) that preparing it in advance isn’t hard, as long as I’m allowed to sneak a little taste.

Vegetarian weekend
The weekend is, I admit, a bit of a joke. I’m ‘vegetarian’ for cheese (and, though I haven’t missed them, I include eggs in this category). Sure, I don’t think that animal protein is good for me. But, well, cheese and sausage are important parts of my wife’s weekend breakfast. Can I really just opt for peanut butter each time?

Also, on the weekend we have more ‘family meals,’ or, we have more elaborate meals together as a family. In this meals, particularly in casseroles, cheese plays a pretty big role.

So, yeah, I’d like to work on the weekends. I mean, I’m not satisfied with out weekend diet. I do think, however, that what would work better would not be deciding for everyone else what they cannot eat, but instead working up a repitoire of good, vegan alternatives that they will chose to eat with me. (Suggestions? Put them in the comments!)

I joined a German-language druidry forum about the time I started this blog. There, I posted about my resolution and I have to say that the response I’ve received has been really amazing. I’ve been encouraged, people have shared their own stories. There have even been that thing that I seem to enjoy most of all: book recommendations! Even better, recommendations in German can be picked up at my local library. (Though it speaks well of the books recommend, it’s frustrating that there are waiting lists for all of them.)

So, I get to again be in the happy position of waiting for books I’m looking forward to reading. Who can complain about that?


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