Does it feel to anyone else like the Star Frost Moon went by too quickly? I’ll write a recap on it, soon, but I wanted to get my first impressions of the White Waking Moon ‘on paper’ so to speak, before too much time passed.

I don’t know why, but I feel like the prompts that Emma Restall Orr provides for this moon in the perennial druidry course speak to me less directly, challenge me less, than was the case in the Star Frost Moon.

The idea of breath as a prompt for the elements, for example, is hard for me to get my head around. Maybe I don’t have the quiet necessary to really focus on my own breathing,  much less the breathing of trees. This time of year, I feel like it’s tradition for me to bury myself in activity to that time moves as quickly as possible. Perhaps I should try to slow down, try to find quiet, engage with the world as it is.

I do know that what she wrote about ‘inspiration’ being connected to breathing really resonated with me. That’s seeping through my brain as we speak and I do plan to try writing more about it, soon.

The idea of this being the season of ‘waxing spring’ definitely connects with me. Better than ‘waning winter.’ After I read that, I reminded myself to us less on my own perceived misery this time of year and to instead start looking for the signs that the Earth is stirring, and to be ready to celebrate those signs as soon as they appear. When I’m out — and I am still out quite a bit, whether it be running or just to go see Hofgaard — I’m going to try to recognize the signs of life returning to the Earth.

This month’s entry under ‘Perception’ is ‘Dance.’ I’m that guy who dances when he’s been drinking (and with my kids, who don’t yet know how badly I dance). It’s like this is a month that’s about defying my inhibitions, coming out of my shell. (Appropriate imagery, I suppose, for waxing spring.) I don’t know if that means I feel good about it or not.

There’s more, this month, of course. And I only want to pick a few elements and to try to focus more on connecting with them. For now, though, I wanted to write this first reaction down, to see if maybe, at the end of the moon, I’m not as attached to the White Waking Moon as I was to the Star Frost Moon.


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