I already mentioned that the White Waking Moon from the Perennial Druidry course is harder for me than the star frost moon had been.

One thought that really sat with me, however, was this:

The word ‘inspiration’ speaks of breathing in; what are you breathing in? Focus on this through the waxing half of the moon. Remember that growth cannot be pushed but is what happens when we are relaxed, in the exhalation; as the moon passes its fullness and wanes again, allow your focus to rest on this process of growth through relaxation and release. How does this understanding relate to other areas of your life?

Isn’t that great? Not just because it seems you can always count on Emma Restall Orr to tag a really hard question on something that, on its surface, seems pretty easy.

Applied to creativity — for me, it’s reading and writing, enjoying and making music — there seems to be an easy parallel between consumption and production. And, in fact, I have been focusing on reading more, re-reading books I’ve really enjoyed, picking up The Wine of Angels, enjoying the connection to the kind of spirituality I’m exploring. I’m also re-reading The Ender series from Orson Scott Card.

I can get behind that.

As for music, the idea has mostly allowed me to put off picking up the guitar that I swear I will start playing again soon. So, yeah, that’s just straight up wrong. I think it would make more sense to spend the waxing half of the moon focusing on technique, chords, drills, and the waning half on ‘having fun.’ (Shouldn’t it all be fun? Let’s just say on something less controlled, then.)

But, as I already mentioned, Orr seems to have a knack for writing something that makes sense, and then asking how it applies to other things. (I’m composing a post titled ‘Holistic’ in my mind that speaks to this. Look for that sometime.)

The answer is, I don’t know. I do think that understanding one thing can give you a tool to apply, or a lens to apply to something else. But, what is ‘inspiration’ and what is ‘exhalation’ in the part of my life dedicated to running? In the part of my life dedicated to being a dad? A husband?

I don’t know. In fact, I don’t know so much, that the next thing I want to do is go for a run about this. Is there a training-vs-joy-of-running thing going on? I don’t know.

I’ve set a task for myself to re-visit how well this worked after the full moon, and again after the Wind Tossed Moon begins.

We’ll see.


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