Here’s soemthing you might not know about me yet: I’m a podcast junkie. I listen to them instead of the radio in my car, and on most of my runs. They make me less angry than the news, and I feel like the very best of them really stretch my mind.

That’s why I wanted to share this part of the most recent episode of Invisibilia, a new podcast from NPR. I’m not going to summarize everything in it, because the hosts do a better job. The basic gist of it is this: our brains are programmed, at some level, to imitate the people we’re around. They have it down to people blinking at the same time, breathing in unison.

Craziness, right?

But, call it confirmation bias (conformation bias? Ha!) but I felt like it came at a good time for me. Something about the idea that we’re ‘programmed’ (‘hardwired’ funny how my vocabulary for human behavior comes from technology) to fit into a larger context really speaks to me at this moment.

Somehow, I heard this and made a mental leap to say that I should be living not only in synch with the people immediately around me, but with the Earth and her rhythms.

I understand and will listen to the counter argument that the fact that we can learn these things about ourselves does not mean we have to embrace them uncritically. What if a scientist finds that murder is an inherrent human desire (as it probably is)? Would I say that we should all go buy chainsaws? No.

But, until someone comes and forces me to have that argument, to invest time and energy in dividing those parts of human nature which are part of who we are, and those which are parts of who we don’t want to sink to being, I’m going to walk away from the experience as a confirmation that the druid’s path is rising up to meet my feet.


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