Tarot Reading

I feel as thought I should fill you in a little on what’s happened since I got my deck of Tarot cards. Basically, I made a lot of flash cards for several of the the meanings (each of the numbers generally, the sixteen face cards of the minor arcana) and found it really hard to just learn that way. Then, I thought, well, if it’s unusually hard that way, maybe it’s not how I’m supposed to do it.

So, I resolved to, using the book as a reference, do more readings for myself. The problem is, I’m not yet sure what to consult the cards about.

As the full moon happened, it seemed like a good time to ask the cards if there were anything in particular that I should bear in mind as I transitioned from the ‘inspiriation‘ part of the moon to the more productive part.

The reading was an amazing experience for me.

The reading.
A rule that I’m going to try to keep for myself in the near future is this: I’d like to interact with the cards without ‘reading’ them at least once before each of the readings. Just as a sort of get-to-know-you kind of thing. So, on the suggestion of the book that came with them, I had selected out all of the major arcana and tried to, without reading about it in the book, see a progression in them.

Becuase of that, I felt like the cards needed extra shuffling. So, I really spent some time, trying to concentrate on what I wanted to know, and shuffling.

I don’t know how to describe the way I feel when I’m working with the cards. It’s a feeling I get from the base of my skull down through my trunk that might just be imagined, but it lends a feeling to the hole thing that takes it out of the realm of the ordinary and turns it into an experience to be respected.

The spread.
Being an aspiring druid, and wanting to keep things simple, it seems logical to me to start with the Awen Spread. It’s described in the book this way:

For finding the seeds of inspiration that can guide your life, and for observing the relationship between past, present and future in your mental, emotional and phyiscal worlds.

Aside from being for inspiration, it has the relative advantage (to me) that there are only three cards, in the simplified version, to be interpreted. They stand for the past, the present, and the future. Being as this was a reading set in the middle of the white waking moon, I felt it was pretty appropriate.

The past: Four of Cups.
The keywords for the Four of Cups are “Fallow period, stagnation, limitation” and it seems to perfectly describe my phase of reading more than writing, consuming more than producing. The text even says “this may be the point to lie fallow, to let your creative juices replenish before they start flowing again.”

When I read that, I was almost frightened that the cards were that accurate in recognizing my situation.

The present: Five of Pentacles, inverted.
In the book the paragraph on the inverted meaning for the Five of Pentacles begins like this “A turning point may have arrived.” It’s true that it then goes on to talk a lot about relationships, and that I don’t know how to really apply all of that to my situation, but that bit alone seemed to fit the momen between the ‘inhaling’ and ‘exhaling’ parts of the moon perfectly.

The future: The Sun, inverted.
This is the part, of course, that I was the most interested in. Were there any suggestions from the cards to me as I approached the productive part of the moon? I should have asked myself if I’d be able to understand them.

One of the Sun’s keywords is “creative expression” and, in larger type, the text on the Sun includes these words:

The message of the Sun is: you are free to express your radiant essence of your being. Joy and creation flow from you like the rays of the Sun.

Doesn’t all that sound great? It would, if the Sun weren’t inverted. The keywords for the Sun, when inverted, are “lack of clarity, vanity, arrogance, failure, disappointment.” Nothing that bodes well for the productive part of my crative life.

I take a little bit of comfort from the paragraph describing the Sun when inverted. “The lucidity and clarity that the Sun should bring is obscured, and you may find these qualities lacking, or failing — not through lack of ability but through an over-concern with yourself or your appearance.” They aren’t comforting words, necessarily, but the bit about the over-concern with myself is definitely true. I don’t know that I appreciate the cards pointing it out, but it’s true.

Taking this card not as a portent of what will come, but instead as a warning of what to look out for, I think that it’s helpful. After a bit of reflection, I really think the first two cards are establishing the bona-fides of the cards, and the third card is telling me to focus on the work I’m doing, and not on my ego. Especially the keywords ‘failure’ and ‘disappointment’ suggest to me that I need to keep my nose to the grindstone during the productive part of this month, and the bit about over-concern with my appearance could mean to stick to the voice my projects want me to use, and not to try for something more pretentious.

That’s how I understand it.

Does anyone have anything to add? Suggestions to make about how I interact with the cards? There are other spreads better suited for creative projects, I may try them in the future.

The last thing I will say is this: I don’t know how I feel about publishing readings to the Internet. I do know that writing all this down has really helped me to think through things. If I don’t publish more readings, I’ll start a file in which to keep a diary of my readings.

How often do you read your cards? What kind of questions do you ask them on your own behalf?


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