So, I’ve been trying to keep my eyes open for signs of the changing seasons, in the spirit of the White Waking moon. It hasn’t been easy, because I keep noticing things for the first time. Did you know that a lot of plants have buds all winter? I didn’t, and it made it frustrating when I finally got around to noticing buds.

(Parenthetical aside: I do feel like the druid path is taking me back to a feeling of childhood as I keep seeing things I don’t understand and want to learn more about.)


These guys, who my wife and I couldn’t even identify in German (she knows so much more about nature than I do, but it’s all in German) are actually called Winterling in German, or, in English, they’re apparently Winter arconia. Now I know. Let’s hope I don’t forget.

I came across them while out for a run and had the presence of mind to rermind myself that I wanted to slow down in such moments and actually live in them. It was nice to stop and try to feel the wonder that I’m committed to re-discovering as part of my new relationship with the Earth.

Minor update: My greatest progress on that front is to recognize — often in retrospect — moments when I should be feeling that wonder. I haven’t yet felt it in the moment.


These guys, on the other hand, I already knew, they’re crocuses. I saw them in the same park during the same run, and have come across more ever since.

Another small aside: Something I enjoy about city life (or maybe this is more typical German?) is the number of people I saw who were out just to enjow the fact that winter arconia and crocuses were out. I’d never seen that in my small American town at home.

Here’s to seeing (and noticing) more small changes. Welcome, spring!


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