It’s another new moon. Now, the Wind Tossed moon is starting in the perennial druidry course. It’s the first moon in which I don’t especially feel connected with the course. We’re coming off of a spate of family illness and I’m coming off the productive part of the inspiration/production cycle I’m experimenting with and feel a little worn out.

Looking over the questions posted for this moon’s contemplation, a few resonate with me more than others, as is always the case.

Self: Change
“Exploration is an important part of this moon’s cycle,” this part begins, “for the environment around us is reaching out, beginning to stretch, filled with hope, finding and feeling the edges. At this time, when you come across a limitation, challenge it.” Doesn’t that sound great? I love the imagery of it, of course, but also the idea that I could also be “stretching” and “filled with hope.”

Of course, the course isn’t just about inspiration. It’s about questions that are hard to answer. There’s one in reference to longstanding limitations, “how many of these are just habit, limitations that you assume to be there because they were before?” I don’t know if I can answer that, but it’s a challenge, an idea to keep in my head.

Another question that challenges me is “… Druidry is a religious or spiritual tradition based on the magical powers of change. What does this mean and what is it’s value?”

Humanity: Siblings
I’m going to quote quite a bit of this one, skipping the bit about people who fill in for siblings in your life. “Brothers and sisters are the key relationships of this moontide. They are often the bringers of the first and most furious change change in our own lives, and as you honor the winds of change, consider your siblings. How have the currents of your lives pushed and pulled against each other, influencing and affecting the individual journeys? What would it take to improve these relationships? Do it.”

For the sake of the record, I love the last two words of that.

I think that, examining my relationships with my siblings is a good goal for this moon.


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