This is not a resounding endorsement of the anticapitalist primer found here. However, I did read it and agreed that each of the forms of resistance recommended is necessary, whether or not the overthrow of capitalism is the final goal of them.

I’ve decided to share this here, because something I love about druidry and paganism in general, is that I get a feeling that it’s a small enough, and ostracized enough community that people don’t do it because their parents told them to. That is to say, it’s a path that people actively choose. And, consequently, people on the path seem to try harder to live in accordance with their convictions.

It’s a spirituality that’s more often lived than the one I come from. I like that.

And, the blog where I found this, and a blog I found through him have been my favorite examples of paganism lived, and have really challenged me to find a way to live my own beliefs, even as I’m forming them.


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