The first thing I should say is that I’m going to try ‘living’ this moon in the same inspiration/production, or preparation/performance rhythm that I tested in the last moon. I don’t want to say that I have the idea down pat, but focusing on a limited set of the things I want to get done, and telling myself ‘I need to get this done before the moon is full’ seems to be helpful.

I will say that I don’t feel especially connected to the moon by all of this. More I’m just frazzled, but, as trial and error help me to work out what I’m doing in the preparation and performance  phases, I expect that will be reduced. Also, as the weather improves and I can get outside more (I can get outside, I just haven’t yet embraced the cold).

Looking back on the last moon and my attempts with this system, I can say that the warning the cards gave me against disappointment was helpful: I think I had promised myself too much. I always understimate the effort needed in the creative projects I want to undertake, and overestimate the discipline I’ll have tomorrow (I know I don’t have any today) (in fact, a recent reading seemed to be kicking my butt on the discipline topic).

Still, I did get more done than in the moon previous, when there was no ‘correct’ time either for preparation or for performance, and I got the guitar back out, so that’s something.

Let’s hope it continues to improve and becomes something I’m glad I do.


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