Flower Shower is the name I use for this moon, celebrating both the sudden abundance of flowers in our gardens and hedgerows and the powers of the rain. The daffodils are out, the cowslips and primulas, forsythia and blackthorn, yet the rains come down in bursts of cleansing freshness.

That  is, of course, from Emma Restall Orr’s description of this moon in the perennial druidry course. I don’t know how I feel about the rhyme, but I like the sentiment. I’ve really been enjoying the flowers that are out here in Germany (and admiring the Germans living around me for leaving green spaces for them to grow in the middle of a decent-sized city), and dreading the ‘showers’ that this moontide brings with it.

Festival: Alban Ellir
This is the moontide of the spring equinox and I, to my great disappointment, missed it! It was today and, while I was pretty well focused on the solar eclipse and somehow missed the fact that the equinox was coming. Nonetheless, I’m going to take this advice that Ms. Orr has in this section of the moon:

Using all you have prepared through the past moon cycle, allow yourself here a moment of stillness within the flow of change. Consider where and how far you have come since the beginning of last winter, what you have released that you had held as a burden, what you have achieved in terms of understanding and growth; consolidate, finding acceptance, with your feet on the ground.

Reading through the rest of the topics for the moontide, one really jumped out at me, the topic under the category of self:

When we are working with air, we are given the greatest opportunities to explore freedom, yet the risk is always that we choose escapism. The line between the two is sometimes hard to discern.

Through this moon, be aware of what you tend to escape from, or long to escape from: relationship, intimacy, solitude, responsibility, expectations, demands, accountability, creativity. Be aware of what you use in your life to facilitate moments or periods of escape. Our culture readily supports the usual escapist tendencies, such as the distraction of television, gossip newspapers and magazines, alcohol and other drugs: anything that stops us thinking.

When is it positive to take a break, to relax, carefree, and when are we escaping issues we’ve not yet addressed?

What is the alternative that you are confident is the journey to freedom? How important is freedom, what does it mean, and in which areas of your life do you wish for more? What would freedom allow you to do, or be, or achieve? How can you make strides now towards that goal?

This speaks to me because I’m an escapist. I’m a day-dreamer. And, I know that I do this to a point that probably no longer is productive and healthy.

However, I’m also really intrigued by all the questions posed in the last paragraph, because I don’t have answers for them. It’s nice to challenge answers I have too quickly, but I am looking forward to trying to get some answers that I don’t even know I have.


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