I don’t suppose I have to apologize to anyone. But, while  I sometimes like to tell myself that I only blog for myself, other times I like to think that I’ve a virtual accountability partner somewhere out there on the Internet.

Not that this journey is one I have to make or am forcing on myself. But, because I know that when things stagnate, it can be difficult to return to them,and I don’t want this to stagnate.

So, my invisible accountability partner, I’ve been working to memorize both The Lorax (if you don’t know that book, buy it now) and Book One of the Iliad for my bardic poetry memorization project. Ambitious, but they seem like works that I’m likely to perform. (My kids are enjoying just the beginning of the Lorax as I learn it.)

Similarly, /r/paganism had a tip on how to practice Tarot: ask the cards mundane questions, or about various people in my life. (How’s mom doing?) I’ve not promised myself that I’d do it everyday, but, I get three or four sessions in per week, depending on when I get time alone.

And, with spring in full swing here in Germany (I have photos of Hofgaard leafing, I should get them up, though they’re already out-of-date, as he’s leafing really quickly, now that he’s started. (It did feel as though I was waiting for a long time after the tree next to him —  an Elm?– started.)

Here’s to more frequent, shorter posts.


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