So, I’m very intrigued at the idea of ‘contemplative druidry,’ and really have considered buying the book by the same name. The thing is, though, I don’t know anything about meditation. I’m very interested in exploring my ‘inner self’ and have spent some time perusing OBOD’s druidry and meditation page and the videos / audio they have there. That’s even where I turned for my first forays into meditation.

Who doesn’t like the idea of having a ‘sacred grove’ in one’s own head? A place of refuge accessible to me anywhere I am’? A sense of place within myself?

Here’s the thing: The reason I haven’t bought any of the ‘druidry and meditation’ books available is that they’re books. I love books, and most of what I ‘know’ I got first from books and then from experience. But, I have an intuition that meditation isn’t something that begins with a book. (If you’ve never meditated, I really found the free audio titled ‘A Meditation with All Four Elements’ on the OBOD page linked above very helpful.)

At the same time, though I found a ‘Hippy Club’ (my words) not far from my home that offers meditation classes, I couldn’t see myself showing up on a regular basis. I’m just too shy and would feel odd taking time away from the kids to go make regular class times.

Enter It’s a website/app combo with meditations by the guy in the video at the top here. (There is a reason I included a video!). Is it as good as going to a group? Probably not. Would I be better served by ‘jumping over my shadow,’ as the Germans say, and getting involved in a group? Probably.

But, that’s not very likely and, though I’m only on day 7 of the free ten day program, I have to say that I credit the ten-minute-a-day meditations with helping me through some weird insomnia and has left me feeling a bit more in control of myself on other days.

The way the ‘program’ is structured is that you get the ten free ten minute meditations, and they are part of a thirty day (thirty meditation) course which has to be completed before you can try any of the several other meditations available through the app/website. I like it, and, though I still have three days to decide without interrupting my ‘training course’ I’m seriously considering a year’s membership, with the idea of getting some experience behind me before trying things I read about in books.

What say you? Are there any meditaters reading this? How did you get started? Does Headspace sound like a good idea to you, or more like a scam?


9 thoughts on “Headspace

  1. Hi,

    I am also using the free 10 day headspace and I am loving it! Your post is very poignant to me at the moment as I too am considering membership. I have tried a couple of other meditations alongside this but so far, nothing is matching the effectiveness of headspace. I have just completed my day 6 meditation so I am a day behind you. I cannot find any reason so far, not to purchase membership as I have seen immense changes this past week. Andy is my new friend (spiritually, of course).

    Good luck in your journey!
    Love Sophie. 💋


    1. Right? We don’t have a ton of money at the moment, but I believe in rewarding the creators of things you find useful. I feel like a year membership if fairly priced if I stick to it and, based on what I see in myself so far, I’d be a fool not to stick to it.

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      1. I agree. I argued with myself for a while, regarding the monetary aspect but as you say, it is useful and rewarding. I’m going to go for it. Fingers crossed, Andy is going to continue being a fantastic teacher. I would be interested in any other comments your followers have though, just to be 100% sure.

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  2. I have (had? Will have to check) the Headspace app on my phone. I haven’t used it yet, I don’t think.
    That said, I love to meditate and am doing well with it on my own for now. I may or may not try the app, still.
    I think, if you’re getting so much benefit out of it, and if you think you can afford, the Headspace membership would be a valuable investment.
    Also, I’m not especially a ‘group’ person when it comes to spiritual matters, or even anything that is supposed to be related to relaxation. I don’t see anything wrong with that, I feel I work best either on my own, or with family members. For me, it feels too intimate to share with others I don’t know so well. But, different strokes for different folks, I’m sure there are probably plenty of people out there who would respond to a group environment best.


    1. Thanks for the affirmation. It does seem intimate for some reason. I never felt comfortable with people for whom their spirituality was too big a part of their public face, and so I think it feels weird to go somewhere and jump right to that.

      Congrats on doing well on your own. Have you read any of the druid meditation books? I’m just looking for opinions on how helpful they are, and if meditation really needs to be ‘druidry flavored’.

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      1. Yes! ‘Public face’ is a great way to describe it!
        I haven’t read any druid meditation books, but I definitely would like to. Actually, tell a lie, about a decade ago, I aimlessly kind of read something from the library about Druidry and Shamanism. I got a lot of it, the book was due back, so I gave it back, and honestly forgot about it after that for a long time! I just don’t think I was ready to think about it in great depth back then, honestly. But I do remember trying a sample sort of meditation suggestion in the book and feeling that it was a profound, positive experience. I can’t remember what the book was. For all I remember of that time, it’s as if I hadn’t read it at all, save for the fact that I remembered how good that meditation was when I started thinking about Druidry in the past few months.
        Recently, I’ve read the two-week trial gwersi from the OBOD course, and am waiting until I can afford to enrol. I used their meditation exercise, and to be honest, it’s been a huge help. In fact, I feel it’s what has helped me to go into a deeper level with my meditation.
        Prior to this, I was using meditation apps on my phone, and that was a fantastic place to begin! Since learning the technique in the gwersi, I find I don’t need apps anymore, for now (but I’m open to using them in the future, should I wish to). The exercise offered in the gwersi was very awkward for me for about a week, but I stuck with it, and now it’s my go-to method.
        Not only that, but it gave me a starting point with my meditation, and I’ve kind of evolved the way I meditate, based on that one beginning I practiced from the gwersi! The rest fell into place, and I found my own way to do it and it’s been absolutely amazing.
        I’ve done some of the OBOD audio meditations, and they’ve all been wonderful, too. I definitely intend to read up on it more, as well, with other books on the subject.
        My best advice would be to stick with it, do what works, and let it evolve over time into something personal for you 🙂

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    1. Thanks. Now you’ve made me curious about Reiki, but, with meditation, tarot and druidry in general, I feel like my plate is about as full as I can get it. Still, I wouldn’t mind hearing a few words on what you’re getting from Reiki.

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      1. I’ve read that a lot of Druids are into Reiki healing. I can certainly see why. The Japanese style that I practice is sublimely simple and really effective. I have never felt so motivated and energetically empowered in my practice before.

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