So, if you’re one of the no people who were interested in hearing me perform bardic works, you’re in luck. As much for myself as for any other reason, I’ve decided to start a podcast of my rehearsing my bardic skills.

Obviously, I can’t upload me performing copyrighted works (sorry, no Lorax, which I really enjoy doing for my kids) so I thought I’d start at the very beginning of recorded bardic performance: The Iliad!

I don’t know if this is ever going to encompass the whole thing — after all, as I get more familiar with them, I’d like to do Celtic myths as well — but it’s at least going to start with book one, which I hope to one day memorize. (Unfortunately, I won’t be doing the Herbert Jordan translation which I’m memorizing as it is, alas, under copyright. [But, seriously, if you’re reading this, buy his version. I’m loving interacting with it.])

Still, The Iliad, gives me a chance to be expressive, to think about voices (I’m a bit intimidated) and to engage with a story I’ve been meaning to better understand for a while. For all of those reasons, I feel like it’s a good place for me, personally, to start. We’ll see where this project will take us.

The first ‘episode’ has already been recorded and should be available to you on Monday.


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