So, you might not remember my commitment to eat vegetarian and vegan in 2015, but I certainly do.

And, while I function great on a vegan diet (and have developed a love of beans, of all the strange things), I am fidning it very hard to stick to. Partly, I put this down to social pressure (who wants to be that guy who says “I can’t come to your barbecue because you’re not going to have any food.” More, of course, it’s a question of laziness.

I guess I have to say this: I don’t think it’s unethical to eat animals. I spend a lot of my available energy trying to bond with a tree, so it seems odd to say that I should favor animals over plants. Sure, eating animals merely means that a lot more plants are kills than when I eat the plants directly, but. . . That’s not the reason I want to move towards veganism.

I really think that too many resources are put towards the production of meat in this world. I’m convinced by the argument that there would be more food for everyone, if we skipped the step of feeding livestock before feeding ourselves. And, I don’t want to be a cog — however small — in that machine.

That said, if my neighbor has already bought sausage for a barbecue, am I helping the situation by insisting that he throw it away rather than give me one? I don’t think so. Maybe, if I were more aggressive about it, he’d get the idea that he should try more vegan foods.

So, yeah, I eat meat at barbecue. I even eat Döner from time to time. My failing, when I do, doesn’t feel like an ethical one. It feels more like I’m letting myself down on something I wanted to do, for me.

The sum of all this is: I still want to eat a mostly vegan diet, but I’m not willing to be crazy about it. I will commit to trying to bring interesting vegan foods to social events, to maybe open some eyes to possibilities that most people don’t know are there. But, I’m not going to start saying things like “No, I can’t come to your murder buffet because I’m worried about the effect on my immortal soul.”


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