So, this is just a bit of news from me. I’m feeling conflicted about this, because I’m the kind of shy that’s very good at seeming gregarious, but is generally exhausted and fraught after social interactions. Bleh.

However, I keep coming back to the idea that I might want to join ADF. Reasons: it’s the cheapest druid organization, it has a prison outreach (I’m a firm believer in second, third, and twenty-fourth chances) and, after completing the dedicant’s path (about a year of initiatory learning and practice) members can enter guilds. I’m really intrigued by the fact that one of the ADF’s guilds is the ‘Brewer’s Guild’ which describes itself thus “promoting and sharing knowledge of the art of brewing in a religious context.” How can I not be intrigued.

(Random note: I’m a hobby homebrewer.)

Furthermore, in one of those moments of indecision when I really wanted to invest the funds, but wasn’t ready to (“After the summer, when I’ll be swamped with family commitments and maintaining the appearance of a lapsed Christianity in front of my mother. . .”) I stumbled upon the fact that there is a protogrove near me.

In Germany? It’s one of two groves in Germany. What are the odds?

So, on Saturday, I’ll be taking part in a little get-together-to-admire-herbs-and-talk sort of thing.

And, for me, that’s a bit of a big deal.


3 thoughts on “Me? Associate with you?

    1. Thanks! It was so nice to talk about druidry out loud that I came home and joined the ADF. I don’t know that I won’t explore other traditions, but it’s a place to start.

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      1. Congratulations. That sounds like a very empowering development. It’s good to have a deep connection with a tradition to hold space and offer grounding from which to safely explore other workings. For me it was Tibetan Buddhism. I am now gravitating toward Celtic Magic as my “space holder” to work deeper with my ancestral consciousness, but there will always be room for the Buddhism. Like a dear old friend it is always welcomed in my sacred circle!


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