So, I just recently posted that I think mindfulness is good for me, because the background chatter in my head is unhealthy. And that’s probably true. But, I just recently read something in an ADF Facebook group (who would have thought that Facebook would be so useful?) that made me better understand the purpose of mindfullness.

The idea is simply: we practice mindfullness, in order to better focus on intent during ritual. In the post, the author expressly said that the other benefits are secondary to that, that the pirmary purpose for mindfullness was getting the most out of druid ritual. Obviously, as I prepare for solstice, this is something to bear in mind.

My two cents on this is short: I appreciate more and more that druidry is not a religion of motions to go through, but instead what I intuitively call a ‘lived religion.’ (I feel obligated to now say that I think my parents live their Christianity, but that I personally never found a way to. It felt more like a list of rules to me.)


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