I don’t know that it’s really my first druidic working, as such. I think that there was something special about the ritual I sort of worked out for myself at Alban Artur last year. Still, this was my first druidic working in two other ways: it was the first thing that I officially ‘did’ (as opposed to ‘read’) on the Dedicant’s Path. And, it was my first working since joining the ADF.

Not in the photo (it doesn’t look quite so ritualist) is my notebook, which I had open, on and displaying the PDF of the Dedicant’s Path handbook. I literally read every part of the ritual as I did it and, obviously, I think the ritual would be more moving if I had what I wanted to say memorized. (I know the Lord’s prayer, I can memorize this.)

It was pretty simple, a bit with meditating — in the sense of pondering — and drinking a cup of fellowship to several groups of spirits. Doing it, I was reminded of the bit about training our minds to better remained focused on ritual, and think that it would have meant more to me if I weren’t constantly thinking about other things in my head: “Am I doing this right?” “Do I look like an idiot sitting here?” “I wonder how much the neighbor can hear of what I’m saying.” “Should I be feeling something more than this?”

All that said, the book says it can be done as a simple devotional. I’m thinking I’ll try to get it in once a week, though I’m now having some first doubts: one of the things that appeals to me about paganism is that it’s a lived religion. And I’m learning that this is a downside — this ritual, short and simple as it is, could never be done while kids are running about screaming, not the way a prayer can be quickly and silently said.


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