Since joining ADF and realizing that part of the requirements of my Dedicant’s Path would be to observe the high days and write about it (rite about it? Ha!) I’ve been in a bit of a panic about how to best observe the solstice.

One of the things that occured to me was that I was only a week from the Solstice, and I could — theoretically — try to live the best version of my life leading up to the solstice, as a sort of acknowledgement that this was something more than simply another day with an hour or so of strange ritual in the evening.

The idea was simple, I’d try to live some of the virtues I aspire to more than maybe I normally do. They were:

  • Temperance. I’d not drink until I drank as part of the ritual.
  • Impact. I’d avoid animal products until after the ritual.
  • Mindfullness. I wouldn’t miss any of my meditation sessions.

For various reasons — I’d already made arrangements with friends to go out for a beer today, my wife did the cooking — I’ve not been able to keep the first two. And I’m a bit frustrated at myself, no two ways about it. But, on the other hand, I think the attempt successfully put myself in a mindset of preparation.

And, despite my frustration, I’m ready to try the same thing again for the next high day.


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