I’m not sure how to start a meditation journal. So, this first entry will simply serve as a description of my meditative life now, at the beginning of my Dedicant’s Path.

Before joining the ADF, I realized from a number of sources — from athletic ranging through vegan and, of course, druidic — that meditation should be a part of my journey. Learning to meditate, however, wasn’t — isn’t — like learning to cook for me. Cooking has discrete steps, and it’s easy to see whether I’ve been successful.

For meditation, there seem to be so many schools of thought — whether to think at all during meditation, for example, is not clear to the beginner — and I’m still not sure how to tell whether a meditation has been ‘successful.’

So, after trying a guided meditation (a meditation with all four elements) available for download on the OBOD website, and a long stagnant period, I eventually decided to pay for a year’s access to Headspace. This was during a phase when I was having trouble sleeping and, whether it was Headspace or not, I was encouraged by the fact that I began sleeping better.

Recently, though, I saw something in and ADF discussion group on Facebook about the purpose of meditation, indicating that the other positive benefits of meditation were — from the standpoint of ADF (or of an ADF druid) — nice but unnecessary. This poster made the argument that we meditate to train our mind to better focus during ritual. And that idea resonated with me. Not only because I’m bad at focusing in general, but also because I like the idea of ‘living’ my druidry. I’d rather work to make the ritual more than a few words read from a page and into a state of mind.

However, I don’t think that Headspace meditation is helping me with this.

So, that is where this entry in the journal leaves me: looking for a way to practice meditation which will strengthen my focus during ritual and devotion. (And, if I focus better at other times, so much the better.)


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