The tarot cards I laid trying to understand why my offerings were not accepted.

So, I’ve been struggling to make my spirituality a bit more of a habit in my day-to-day. And it’s not turning out to be easy — or, considering that it isn’t hard, it’s not turning out to happen quickly — as I seem to do pretty well during the week when each day has a structure, but on the weekend, when I get up the day is spent playing catch-up with the kids and the time to find a bit of peace in front of my home altar is hard for me to work into my established routine.

Nonetheless, the meaning I took from the kindred refusing my offering at the equinox and the tarot cards I laid afterwards, was that I needed to put more effort into my spirituality as such.

Up to now, that’s worked well during the week, including meditations (more often with Headspace than the two-powers, which I should work into my day more) and devotions. A new bit that I’ve introduced in my devotions is picking an ancestor, either of blood or spirit, each day to speak to directly. This has been both helpful, and difficult, as I don’t always know what to say, and because I’m including my wife’s blood ancestors, and I found them difficult to speak to in life. Perhaps that’s why it’s good for me.

Unfortunately, other things are slipping. The bird feeder I liked before I thought of it was a way to give a little something extra to the nature spirits is seldom filled, and I seldom have time to watch the birds. As I mentioned, the two-powers meditation is something I do when I find myself alone outside (it just feels better outside), but that’s not super often.

Still, a phrase that’s brought my comfort before and brings me comfort in this situation is: “I have the rest of my life to get this right.” Which isn’t to say that I can procrastinate, but that small changes, if continuous, will do the job for me.

And that’s something I can commit to.


One thought on “Moving Forward

  1. Thank you very much for sharing. I can relate very much to these thoughts. I’ve come to realize that any moment of the day where awareness is directed towards one’s inner altar, offerings can be made. e.g One of my co-workers looks a little down. I give them a nice compliment to cheer them up. I then place that upon my inner altar. I used to collect these in my mental filing cabinet and lay them out on my altar when I had a chance to do a more extensive ritual. But I would find daily stresses can causes the intent of those remembered offerings to become a little stale (like placing old half digested food on the altar instead of your freshest and best.) So I have had a much more powerful ritual unfoldment process by offering in the moment and letting intent alone be enough. The trappings of ritual can interfere with this process.


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