You wouldn’t think it would be a sneaky holiday. It’s probably the most ‘mainstream’ point on the wheel of the year: Halloween has been building up around me for a while now, and I wasn’t so dumb that I didn’t think that the two events both took place on the same thirty-first of October.

I just got in the habit of thinking I had time: there were things to do, and people genuinely were going crazy about Halloween on social media much earlier than they should have been. But, as the date crept nearer, I was so distracted with other things that I never updated my idea that Sawain was so far off.

Which is unfortunate, because this is a holiday we can do stuff with the kids on. And I don’t necessarily mean Halloween stuff.

For a while — since I saw this great idea: lighting a candle to each of your (known) ancestors and writing them messages — I’ve been looking forward to doing the same with my own kids. I never knew any of my great-grandparents, but my kids all got the chance to meet their now-late great-grandmother and great-grandfather, and it seems like a great way to keep that connection a little alive. I could talk about my grandparents, whom I miss, and we could make a small evening out of it.

And it’s all still possible, but instead of being something I’m looking forward to, it’s become something I have to get organized in time. It’ll be nice when Samhain is actually here, but now I’ve allowed it to become another bit of stress in my week. And that is not what I wanted.


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