I’m not a fan of inertia. That doesn’t mean that I don’t respect it, but whenever I find myself doing things a certain way, simply because I always have, I find myself itching for change and exploration.

But, like I said, I respect it, and it can be powerful.

When I was doing daily devotions, the fact that I was doing them help to reenforce the idea of doing them again. It was much easier to continue than to start up.

Now, however, I’m between hearth cultures and wanted to focus on my relationship to the ancestors and nature spirits. And that’s easy to think about in the abstract, but with a heel spur making walking painful, I’m not in the woods much. I get that the Earth Mother isn’t only in the woods, and I try to feel connected to her everywhere, but in the woods is where I find the quiet to try and focus on her. And the same goes for nature spirits.

I need to work on it, but there’s no inertia there.

And now, there’s inertia building behind just feeling guilty about where I am on my ‘path.’ (I guess paths go somewhere, right now what I have is a spot.)

But do you know something about me and inertia? When I find that it’s the only thing that has me going in a certain direction, my nature is to rebel against it.


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