I know what my ancestors told me about focusing on the Earth Mother beneath my feet, but when I’m enthused about something, I buy books. So, yesterday’s package from Amazon wasn’t a surprise at all, except in the sense that I hadn’t told my wife and she seems to think it an odd time of year to buy things for yourself…

Nonetheless, I was quick to read the section on religion in the Handbook to Life in Ancient Rome as I contemplate the upcoming ritual…


4 thoughts on “Not going overboard on my ‘new’ hearth culture

  1. I read A Day in the Life of Ancient Rome. Rome is my favorite city because of the layers of history, literally. Last time I was there I was in this church that is from the 10th century. Underneath that you can go to the 5th century church. And finally you go farther down and back in time to the Temple of Mithras. I think this is going to be a fascinating endeavor for you.


  2. I want to go as well. Especially as I move towards a Roman hearth culture. We’ll see.

    The History of Rome podcast is defunct now (he covered all the history he was going to cover) but you can still get it and it’s still my favorite history podcast.


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