Though I still work with Headspace, I have wanted to be a bit more ‘spiritual’ or ‘druidic’ in my meditation. So, I’ve tried the two-powers meditation from ADF a couple of times, but I always find it exhausting to try to keep everything straight in my mind, and I wind up  feeling disappointed in myself.

Yesterday, at the local druid (pagan?) meetup, I mentioned this and the proto-grove leader asked which recording I used.


I’d read about the meditation and was trying to do it that way. She promised to send me a recording, but suggested I could just search YouTube. That brought me, today, to the video below:

Ian Corrigan has a bit of a name in ADF (I don’t generally follow the who’s-who, but I think he was interim Arch Druid, and he seems to be associated with magic in the ADF druidic community) and I’ve found a lot of value in his posts in the ADF Facebook page. So, it seemed his video was a logicl place to start.

The Result
I don’t really know what the result was. It was an intensely different experience than my attempts at meditating with Headspace. And it was by far the best experience that I’ve had with the two-powers meditation.

I’ll be doing it again.

However, I inteded to start with that and then do a bit of a devotion to my ancestors before asking for an omen and the experience was so . . . intense or overwhelmingly different that I couldn’t focus on that. Nonetheless, the omen my ancestors gave me was very positive, so that speaks for it.

Let’s see if I can make this into a bit of a routine.


2 thoughts on “Two Powers Meditation from Ian Corrigan

  1. Thank you for sharing this find! I used this guided two-powers meditation earlier this evening and I like it better than what I had before. I recorded myself saying a two-powers script, but listening to my own voice was somewhat distracting. The recording I found of someone else wasn’t much better. I like this one pretty well though 🙂

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