This isn’t a post with bad news, no matter how the title looks. It’s a reflection on what I think of as a minor success: reframing the way I think of meditation and devotions.

Naturally, I’d like to meditate daily (twice! once with the Two Powers Meditation and once with the Headspace App) and I’d like to think that I get my devotions done when they should be. But, the fact of the matter is, that I don’t.

And, my change hasn’t been simply accepting that I don’t get them done. It’s been more subtle: I try to think of a day when I meditate or do devotions (or both!) as a good day, rather than thinking of the days when I don’t get it in (or don’t make it a priority, depending on the vocabulary you choose) as bad days.

I think it’s working. I do meditate at least twice a week, which is more than before, and I’m getting devotions and an omen in on a few more days. (Generally, if I meditate, I also do a devotion, as it seems like the logical thing to do afterwards.)

Am I doing it every day? No. Would I like to improve? Yes. But, I think I need to recognize and celebrate this minor improvement.

Looking forward, before I stress over getting this in daily, I’d like to go back to finding time on occasional evenings to do more in-depth tarot readings about different things in my life, from my spiritual path (fasting, a good way to approach living in tune with the planet or hippy-insanity?) to the mundane (do I want to be a dad who gives my kids space to have fun, or who pushes them to learn and practice all the skills the books say they should have?).

I’ll let you know how it goes.


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