Listen, I get that if this was my number-one priority, I’d be writing this in a Facebook group or a Subreddit somewhere. Instead, I’m thinking that a few people actually read this and maybe one or two might be interested in helping me out.

This is what I’m looking for: someone who wants to improve their tarot reading with me, not by trading readings (you do a reading on my love life, I’ll do a reading on the new job you’re getting) but instead by us both (or all three?) doing readings on the same thing, whether it’s the primaries in the American Presidential election or a more general question to the shining ones.

With the different readings done, we’d pass our detailed write-ups around and solicit comments on meanings we may have overlooke (“The Ace of Wands often indicates to me the things we are passionate about…”) as well, of course, as looking for overlap.

I think that it’s realisitic of me to commit to doing one reading per month, with the follow up back-and-forth communication. If you think it’s something that  might interest you, feel free to contact me in the comments here. (Or at DruidToby -at- gmail-dot-com — Which I don’t check super-often)


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