So, it’s embarrassing to me that I can be a guy who recently posted on the virtues of living with the seasons, but I completely missed the equinox. That seems to be how I am: I’m good at either getting ready for the high days, or focusing on the day-to-day of devotions and omens, but I don’t seem to be able to take care of both at once.

That’s not to say that everything has been great as regards devotions: I’ve been doing them more often, but the omens are often not what I want to hear, and often I feel as though my ancestors are answering questions that I haven’t asked.

That’s not what this post is about, though. This post is about me trying to figure out what makes spring special.

Search for quotes about spring, and there is plenty to read, but none of it really answers the question I want answered: how can I best emulate nature in the spring?

What does my tree do in the spring?

Right now, he seems just to stand and wait for some invisible signal from somewhere (Proserpina, I suppose) to burst forth in leaves.

More, spring is a time when the energy he pulled back into himself after shedding his leaves in the fall is combined with the energy of the Earth Mother and of the Sky — or of Sol, depending on how you want to see it — and pushed back out in the form of new growth.

Spring is a time of fertility, of pollination. And, while there’s a way to read that over a soundtrack of bow-chicka-wow-wow, I’m thinking of the production of fruit and — even more — of the exchange of information before producing fruit. The whole point of polination is that many plants can’t produce fruit on their own, but instead need the information in the DNA of another plant in order to do that.

It was easy for me to think of an inward-turning as the leaves were falling. Now, however, when it seems clear that it’s time to begin pushing that energy back out again — and focusing more on connecting with the powers of Earth and Sky (probably with the two-powers meditation) — in the form of some sort of ‘fruit’ is a bit more frightening.

An important part of the whole thing, I think, is the idea that pollination is what comes first: collecting information, ideas, information, before starting in on a project. I don’t think I need to be especially hippy to see the wisdom in that.

A missed chance?
Now I wonder if I should have been better focused on selecting a task in the winter. Perhaps I should have been thinking about what I was going to do. Or, perhaps I should have focused on myself — which, admittedly, isn’t hard for me — and now is the time to plan a project, or projects.

Either way, what I should have done is less important than what I have to do next. And that seems to be beginning with a connection to the Earth Mother and to the Sky, and a focus on pollination. I don’t know what that will look like.


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