It’s been a while since I’ve written — or reflected — on the Perennial Druidry course. That’s particularly frustrating, since at least one moon has past since I’ve resolved to do it more, in an attempt to be more ‘rooted’ in the dirty immediacy of nature spirituality rather than only in the accademic bit.

In writing about this moon — the Flower Shower moon — Orr had this to say:

Environment: First Leaves
[…] Which trees and plants are most strongly expressing their song at this time? In what order are the trees coming into leaf? Watch for the leaf buds and flowers on the larger trees. What is in the hedgerows?
What of the wildlife in the environment of your home? Which birds are you seeing and which are nesting? Make a note so that next year you can review and see how your neighbourhood is changing. Is it positive or are species declining? What can you do to help? Do it.

There are two things about this that I really like. One is just  the idea of making a deliberate observation of change. After the long, gray winter it’s nice to be able to watch the process of change as, where I live at least, the Earth prepares to welcome Proserpina back from Hades.

I appreciate the reminder that this is a time to be outside, to be especially alert. I haven’t taken the advice of making a note of it, partly because I don’t know so many flowers and trees names. Nonetheless, I’m enjoying the spectacle of it.

Further, I like the last two lines: the call to action. Something I’ve done a few times and wish I did more is just cleaning up the amazing amount of litter in the green areas in my city. I’d like to do that more, and — while I don’t think it immediately matches up with Orr’s suggestion of helping the wildlife — I do think it’s an act of service,  not only to the creatures we think of as animals, but also to the animals who might be most in need of green environments in cities: other people.


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