This started out as a pretty simple idea: if you look at the scripts I’ve been using for my rituals, you’ll see that they’re all pretty similar. And, for me, that has worked until now.

Still, I’d like to grow a bit, change a bit. As the rest of the protogrove in my city prepares to celebrate Beltane — and I’ll be at that ritual, why turn down the opportunity to gather experience — I do find myself wondering what I’ll be doing in my own private ritual.

It seems a bit late to be welcoming Proserpina back from the underworld, though it’s certainly worth expressing my delight at her return, and I don’t have much of a relationship with the other Gods of the Roman pantheon. (At least, not yet.)

So, I suppose it seems logical to honor Flora or Venus at this time, but I’m on the fence about it. Maybe it’s a vestige of my monotheistic upbringing, but I don’t like the idea of performing the motions at a certain time of year and then forgetting the deity altogether. It’s too much like being an Easter-and-Christmas Christian.

Of course, I suppose that a reflection on piety might be appropriate here: there is more to honoring a deity than ritual and devotion. I have found it increasingly easy to honor the Earth Mother / magna mater in moments when I’m taken by her beauty or power. Similarly, as spring made itself felt, it was easy for me to see and honor the work of Proserpina. Both of those, I think, are expressions of piety which extend my relationship with those goddesses.

Can I honor Venus in a private ritual, and then commit to bearing her better in mind? Can I look to see her in action, keep her closer to the forefront of my mind? Of course I can.

In the course of writing all of this, I seem to have convinced myself that it’s possible. That honoring Venus in a ritual is not simply going through the motions, if I take the opportunity to begin seeing her hand in the events about me, there is nothing impious about honoring her at this time of year and then moving forward.


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