Summary: anticlimatic.

I was thinking about doing something to honor Venus, I was thinking about doing something to honor Proserpina. I thought about including a ‘working’ in a private ADF ritual for the first time.

I did none of those things.

In the end, the local protogrove had a ceremony to honor An Dagda, and I took over the part honoring the Earth Mother. And it was nice and all, but I still wonder if I should have had a private ceremony.

The most recent Part the Mist podcast (they’re all recommended, by the way) mentioned that ADF public rituals can be more about the community than about a ‘spiritual experience.’ And it’s important to me that there is a local pagan community, and obviously I’d rather it had a strong ADF presence.

Mostly, I think I’m frustrated that something as mundane as a tradeoff — I can’t both take part in community and focus entirely on myself — would be a part of my spirtual life as much as it is of my secular life. I suppose there’s wisdom to be garnished there, but I don’t feel like contemplating it.

One other thing

There was one thing about the ritual that I think is worth pointing out. The local protogrove leader always includes singing or chants in the rituals, and I find that really nice. Even more, another member — also on the Dedicant’s Path — offered a song played on the harp. And that’s challenged me to offer more than grain and alcohol.

The conclusion? I can really do private rituals any time I feel the need, but it might be a good idea to think about changing my offerings up a little.


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