Looking forward to the Field Poppy Moon starting tomorrow, I was briefly put off by the focus on midsummer. It’s a hard holiday for me to celebrate, because I’m depressed by the idea that it’s already here. It’s easy to appreciate the value of change in winter when you’re looking foward to the sun and summer. When it’ here, it’s harder for me to really appreciate the value of letting it go again.

Nonetheless, there is a focus on life and stillness in the notes for this moon, and I think that it might not be coincidence that it feels like something I need to focus on in my life. (I still haven’t become great about meditation, despite seeing the need for it. Grr.)

Emma Restall Orr had this to say about life in the notes:

In animism, many speak of everything in nature having its own spirit, but what do they or you mean by ‘spirit’? Most theologies consider human beings to have a soul, but what does that mean? Does a cat have a spirit or soul? Does a beetle, a slug, a tree, a river, the earth, the wind, a bacterium? Where is the cut off point, if it exists at all?

Isn’t that a great question? Now, outside surrounded by so much obvious life it’s something good to think about. At the same time, I’m putting a reminder in my calendar (call me a techno-pagan) to come back and look at this question in six months when life isn’t so profuse.

It would be easy to sit down and write every day of this moon on what I think a spirit is and never really get it nailed down. Maybe I’ll make that a goal of this moon, but don’t hold your breath.


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