I was home not long ago and my brother, in one of our fantasies of setting up a future nearer to each other, had a throwaway comment along the lines of “and you would have trees nearby to pray to” or whatever.

That’s not what I do. But, I didn’t correct him as I wasn’t sure how to put into words what I do, now, at this point in my spiritual journey.

While you’re waiting to learn more about what I do, why not learn more about what trees do? RadioLab has done their usual amazing job in the latest podcast, titled from Tree to Shining Tree, which is amazing.

It covers the story of learning about how interconnected trees are, as well as some amazing facts on trees and funghi. I seriously can’t recommend it enough, and not just to people who might or might not worship trees. If you appreciate nature in any capacity, it’ll blow your mind!


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