So, I’ve gotten away from posting photos of trees I like. Perhaps I just stopped thinking of myself as a ‘druid’ when I sort of shifted towards the Roman pantheon in my search for a new Gatekeeper. But, the fact of the matter is, I used to maintain a page that had a map of the trees I sort of feel connected to in Dresden.

And, trees are what got me on this path. Liking them, relating — oddly — to them. So, why wouldn’t I continue with a project that functioned to motivate me to spend more time with them.

These trees here aren’t spiritual friends — or even acquaintances — of mine. I just like being around them. In general, I’m drawn to places where humanity interfaces with greater nature, and this is one of those places.

Located at the edge of a flood plain that hasn’t been built up, these trees form a protected little spot that is clearly visited often (and where someone — and that probably means me — needs to go and pick up some trash) by people looking for a bit of refuge. I imagine people come here for all sorts of reasons, to escape the sun, or ‘oppressive parents’ or just to read a bit. Probably, there are thirty other reasons I can’t think of.

The point is this, here in a city full of people, there’s a little grove of trees where there is both a feeling of being apart from the city, and enough foot traffic to wear little foot paths in and out of the protected little grove.

Coming here, I feel connected not only to the trees which stand watch, but to the other people who’ve come here for their own reasons over the years.

It occurs to me, that’s probably how I’ll describe most of my favorite trees and arboreal places.



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