Yesterday marked the start of the Blood Berry Moon in the course of perennial druidry and I felt that it was a good time for me to get back into the course which I find so valuable.

The first thing that struck me reading through the text of the Blood Berry Moon was this bit, listed under the heading of ‘Humanity.’

When we think about relationship, it is often personal connections with individuals that come to mind. However, in this moon look to the flow of history and mythology. Do you have a sense of being a member of a community, a people, a tribe, sharing a history with others, stretching back along that current of history? What are the stories that flow with that current?

At first, I took it as a sign that I should really commit to focusing on my idea of doing a little ‘Lessons from the Lore’ series (see the pilot) as I engage with the mythology that resonates with me.

Also, I like the idea of thinking about whether I belong to a community, a people or a tribe.

Initial thoughts on my belonging in a tribe
I’m an American living in Germany. And, while I speak German, I doubt I’ll ever really be considered ‘integrated’ here. The result is that I often feel ‘unmoored,’ for lack of a better term.

And I’m a white American and sometimes feel that the cultural identies that others revel in are denied to me. I’m German-Irish by descent, and it’s clear that the Germans don’t think that means much, I strongly doubt the Irish would say I belong there, either. So, while others have cultural festivals and traditions that appeal to me, my feeling has been that those who belong by birthright to those cultures would view my participation as “appropriation.” And I don’t want to do that.

Could ADF be my group? I don’t know. Maybe, one day. I’m thankful for what ADF does and for the structure it has given to my own entry into paganism. But, I peruse the group’s members chat, both in emails and on Facebook, and while I’ve greatly benefitted by what is said there, my personal experience is that none of it draws me into a feeling of community. Instead, I view it almost as an accademic organization whose work supports my spiritual growth.

That brings me to the tribe I do belong to. Basically, I view myself as belonging to my family. I have a large, tightly-knit family in the states and a smaller, younger family here and they’re the focus of my identity. And, tragically, they stand in opposition to my spirituality. (My children don’t, but mostly because the oldest is seven.)

It comes back to mythology
If anybody cares to challenge me, I do think I have a ‘birthright’ to the Grecco-Roman tradition. Both sides of my family come from areas demonstrably Romanized at one time. However, I think that’s irrelevant. In Grecco-Roman culture, I see a multi-cultural, polytheistic culture that was plagued by the same evils contemporary society has. And, because of that, I feel at home in the mythology.

Consequently, perhaps I should look for a community of people who are inspired by the mythology that inspires me. Who knows.


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