So, I suppose it’s a bit late to be writing this up, but it’s been on my list of things to do for a while.

My strongest memory of the autumn equinox was my sense of nervousness. The script included an up-or-down omen on whether the offerings were accepted and that will continue to frighten me for a while. (Remember the drama of my first autumn equinox ritual and the following Samhain? Sure, it led to me working with a pantheon I’m very comfortable with, but it was still uncomfortable.)

So, there was that and the fact that I was expanding a little on my bare-bones Core Order or Ritual format. I should be writing these omens down, but I remember that I took an omen before incorporating my little pseudo Eleusinian mysteries into the ritual. But, even with the positive omen, it was outside my comfort zone.

I’m not going to keep you in suspense: the ritual went well and my offerings were accepted. It was another really positive ritual of the sort where, in the moment everything felt right and it felt like I was part of something bigger than me, but now, reflecting on it, I don’t know what exactly I felt.

Still, I have an affinity for Proserpine and I am glad to have observed this particular part of the wheel of the year the way I did.


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