In the perennial druidry course, this moon is the Quickening Moon, which only comes every four years and is dedicated to review. In Orr’s words:

Although the Quickening Moon comes every four years, at each of these moons we review the past seven years. The reason for this is that every seven years we have renewed through regeneration every cell in our bodies.

So, the last seven years in review. That’s hard, because I feel so… constant. Still, as I began looking at photos from seven years ago, one big change in my life occured to me:

Children. I could talk a lot about how children changed me, but I’m assuming that, if you don’t have children yourself, you know someone (your parents?) who have children and you’ve heard enough on the subject.

There is one thing I want to say: having kids really encouraged me to actively rethink my life. Constant improvement has always been part of my personal mythology, but having kids, an audience, being a role model, these things have made me really think about being the best me I can be.

With kids, I no longer bike without a helmet, because if they can’t, I can’t. With kids, I realized that I was a spiritual person and, while I don’t need an answer to what that looks like for me right now, I needed to be looking, and including them in that. Not that we all arrive at the same destination, but that they understand the importance of journey.

Journey as lifestyle might be what I most take away from the birth of my kids. I mean, there’s the journey you know about — my constant searching for a way to live as a quietly pagan man — but there are things like trying to teach myself programming, amateur radio. Working to improve my mathematical abilities and understanding of the ecosystem’s complexities. Trying to get in shape, and to understand what that even means for a man of my age and physical requirements.

All of these are things that I try to include my children in, not because any of them are the right journeys to be on, but because I think it’s important to actively — if gently — work to avoid giving the impression that ‘growth’ is synonymous with ‘school’ and that when the latter is finished, so is the former.

Conclusion. I’d like to write on this more, see more photos, think about who I was and who I became, but, if I don’t make the time for that, I think it was nice that this moon helped me realize that the last seven years were years in which I decided not to work towards perfection, but to work towards always working towards something.


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