At the moment, the focus of My Druidry is establishing a foundation — a solid footing — from which to begin better understanding who I am and what My Druidry will look like.

In the last year or so, as well as in the foreseeable future, My Druidry has lined up and will continue to line up with ADFs Dedicant Path. With time, I might move away from ADF, but I’m very happy with the level of support they offer, as well as the sort of structured approach they have to helping me find my own druidry.

As part of the Dedicant’s Path, they do ask that each dedicant select a hearth culture. It’s funny to me to think that you can change, but of course you can. Initially, I began working with the Celtic Gods, particularly Brigid and Cernunnos. But, after a series of omens and intuitions, I picked up on the idea that they were not the pantheon to me, and returned to the pantheon which initially interested me: the Roman pantheon.

Since then, I’ve been struggling to figure out how I’m going to live my paganism. It has not been easy, but it has been rewarding.

Other Pages under My Druidry

Over time, I’ve created a handfull of other pages under the heading of My Druidry. Mostly, they’re for me to have created — the writing helps as much as anything — but you may find them interesting.

  • Cosmology: Where I intend to put into writing my understanding of the Druid cosmology, as seen through a Roman lens.
  • Druidic Dictionary: Approaching Druidry, I was overwhelmed by the new vocabulary (much of it Celtic, now much of it is even Latin). This is where I maintain an ever-outdated attempt to categorize what I’ve learned.
  • Projects: Projects that I’ve started — and occasionally maintained — as I try to put roots into the soil of Druidry.
  • Resources: Probably impossible for me to keep up-to-date, these are links that I’ve turned to more than once as I struggle to learn more.

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