It’s both weird and empowering to think that I’m responsible for deciding on my own cosmology. And, it’s more than a little frightening. Moving away from ‘authoritarian’ religions has it’s price, I guess. Here is where I am — mostly for myself — making notes on my understanding of druidic cosmology.

For the moment, I’m mostly researching ‘standard’ druidic cosmology and writing it down here. As yet, I’ve added nothing that’s uniquely mine. For the vocabulary here, see the Druidic Dictionary.

The Underworld
The realm of the ancestors, symbolized by the well. Somehow, I think of this both as a sort of afterlife, as well as the soil and water table, to which nutrients — the stuff of life — return after death. Maybe that’s a violation of ‘hard’ polythiesm, but it’s how I have come to internalize it and the symbolism of the well.

The Middle Realm
For obvious reasons, I resist the term ‘Middle Earth.’ This is the realm in which I am writing this and in which you (most likely) are reading this. This is the realm between the Underworld and the Heavens, which we share with nature in its more traditional sense, as well as with the nature spirits.

The Heavens
The realm of the shining ones, symbolized by the candle. Coming from a Christian background, it’s a bit hard for me to wrap my head around the idea of a heavenly realm populated by gods in which there is no afterlife. Nonetheless, that seems to be how it is. The same way I associate the Underworld with water and soil, I associate the heavens with the sun, making the Middle Realm where the two mix and interact in the processes we call nature.


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