The Dedicant Path requires the following:

  1. Essays on my understandings of each of the following pagan virtues:
    1. Wisdom (first draft)
    2. Piety (first draft)
    3. Vision (first draft)
    4. Courage (first draft)
    5. Integrity (first draft)
    6. Perseverance (first draft)
    7. Hospitality (first draft)
    8. Moderation (first draft)
    9. Fertility (first draft)
  2. Short essays on my understanding of each of the eight ADF high days
    1. The autumn equinox (first draft)
  3. Short book reviews on at least three books, one each from the following categories:
    1. Indo-European studies
    2. Study of a preferred ethnic group
    3. Book on modern paganism
  4. A brief description (with photos) of my home shrine
  5. An essay on my understanding of the “Two powers” meditation or other form of grounding.
  6. An essay or journal on my experience with medication and trance, for the purpose of building mental discipline
  7. An account of my efforts to work with nature, honor the Earth, and understand the impacts of my choices and lifestyle on the environment, as well as how to make a difference at the local level.
  8. A brief account of each high ritual I attend or perform in my time on the Dedicant Path. (All eight high days have to be represented, and at least four of them have to be in ADF style.)
  9. One essay describing my understanding and relationship to each of the Kindred.
  10. A brief account of my attempt to form a private spiritual practice drawn from one (or more) Indo-European culture.
  11. Text of my Dedicant’s Oath Rite, as well as a self-evaluation of my performance of the rite.

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